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Unti 5 Crossword Puzzle

Maysen MacLamroc

1 2       3   4        
5       6
    9 10         11  
          13     14              

2.any change in the terms of the offer means the offeree has not really accepted the offer but has made a counteroffer
14.the legal ability to enter a contract
15.contract that contains two promises
17.is one the court will not uphold
18.is the second party's unqualified willingness to go along with the first party's proposal
19.legally binding agreement
20.comes about from the actiosn of the parties
21.or refusal of an offer by the offeree
1.advertisments are these rather than offers
3.is stated in words and may be oral or written
4.is proposed by one party to another intended to create a legally binding agreement
5.the acceptance must not change the terms of the orginial offer in any way
6.an agreement enforcable by law
7.canceling the contract
8.contracts that contain one promise
9.is the exchange of things in value
10.counteroffering back and forth till an agreement is found
11.when a contract is eleigiable to be void
12.is the final element of the contract
13.if a valid offer is met by a valid acceptance this is created
16.is the taking back of an offer by the offeror

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