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What is the impact of growth in China and beyond (Chapter 5)


Read the first section on 'China today'. There are no gaps between 2 word answers.

1 2 3
4 5                
    6     7          

4.the biggest city in China, but not the capital city
6.This party governs China
10.the interior regions need huge investments in ..... in order for the population to benefit from any advances or inward investment from FDI or the government
12.the far western regions away from the eastern coast are classified as this
13.China is the same size as this CONTINENT
14.This region close to Hing Kong capitalised on low wages and became a very competitive place to locate production
1.Although very large much of China's land is....
2.In 1949 a pivotal event occurred to transform Chinese politics
3.this area is where many of the main cities and development has been concentrated
5.This important Chinese outpost, formally under British rule, provided much knowledge and technical know how to Chinese companies on the mainland (2)
7.the bulk of exports are classified as this
8.300 million people who live in these areas still have a very low standard of living
9.The communist leader who succeeded Mao Zedong who introduced reforms to help open China's trade with the world. (2)
11.land which produces little food is known as ....

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