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Vocabulary 10

Mrs. Mullins

1         2 3
  4 5          
7             8     9      
  11                 12
13   14         15   16  
    17       18     19    
      20                   21  
24           25         26            
      27 28          
  31                       32 33
    35     36      
  37               38    
            39       40          

1.a stomach distress and urge to vomit
5.very cold
6.having the characteristics of thelanguage of the past
7.pieces left after something has been destroyed
8.to engage in argument
10.lifted up and carried away with emotion
11.a form of cancer
15.to refuse to obey
17.to avoid deliberately and especially habitually
20.to excavate the earth beneath
22.reproduced word for word
24.to remove by cutting, like a limb from the body
26.growing in a certain place or region
29.a usually violent attempt to end the rule of a government and start another one
31.capable of submitting to an action; unresistant to a stimulus
34.a group of animals, like birds or sheep
37.a dog that is a mix of different breeds
39.numerical data
42.to assert the opposite of
43.to deposit a dead body in the earth or in a tomb
44.one who believes in and lives by the literal interpretation of the Bible
45.capable of being ensured; fairly good, not bad
46.determined by logic or evidence
2.permission to enter, approach, or pass to and from
3.zero, a method of changing a text to conceal its meaning
4.very strict; scrupulously accurate
7.devoted to religion
9.producing offspring, young, fruit in large numbers
12.the act of insulting or showing contempt for God
13.a fact or condition incompatible with another
14.separated from others, happened just once
16.feeling a lot of fear or worry
18.to collect into a mass
19.highly pleasing, delightful
21.a passage or quotation taken from a book
23.produced or growing naturally in a particular region
25.to change in composition or structure
27.marked by or disposed to doing good
28.a sense of humiliation and shame
30.a short trip for a purpose
32.uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone
33.to lift and reset a plant in other soil
35.to influence and dominate by some special charm
38.to make legal; to recognize the legitimacyof
40.sheathed in iron armor
41.natural height in an upright position

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