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Andes Mountains

Mr. Battaglia

1                         2
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1.In this zone, the temperature is between 65-75 degrees.
3.There is less air to cause _______________ to slow objects down.
5.The second factor in altitude temperature change.
8.A strategy for farming on mountain sides.
12.The _______________ Andes cover Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
13.The world’s fourth largest continent. It includes 12 countries
14.The lowest zone is called _____________________ or hot country
16.The highest zone is known as ____________ or frost country.
17.The elevation levels in these mountains _____________ the way people live.
2.The division of mountainous land into zones based on altitudes, or elevations
4.Include some of the highest mountain peaks in the world
6.The third climate zone is .......
7.This high elevation can produce some...
9.The trading of crops between lowland and highland areas.
10.The Andes are sometimes called the __________________ of South America.
11.The air closest to the surface absorbs most of this reflected heat.
15.The highest big city in the world

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