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English 11 CP First Semester Keepers

Emily Kallgren and Celia Monroe

2                 3
4 5                  
  6 7    
  8           9      
11   12            
14             15            

2.(adj.) enjoying the company of other people
5.(adj.) capable of being easily changed or influenced
8.feeling or showing anger because of something that is unfair or wrong
10.(n.) a deliberately insulting or disrespectful act or comment
12.(v.) to say that you do not agree with or accept something
14.(v.) to credit or assign, as to a cause or source; attribute
15.(adj.) felt very strongly
1.(n.) a strong natural tendency to do something
3.(adj.) messy or untidy
4.(v.) to cause someone to be worried or upset
6.(v.) to make less severe, harmful, or painful
7.(adj.) full of clever tricks​
9.(v.) to give forgiveness to someone
11.(adj.) a very large number of things
13.(adj.) open to view; not secret

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