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Dem Bones

Lily Zerkle

understanding and becoming more familiar with the bones of the human body

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3.transmits vibrations to the incus, it is hammer shaped
5.shinbone or shank bone, is the larger and stronger of the two bones in the leg
8.humans have 33 of them divided into 4 sections
9.one of 5 vertebrae that fuse in the adult
12.the only long bone in the body that lies horizontally, serves as a strut
15.relating to the wrist, allows the wrist to move and rotate vertically
16.set of 7 bones that make up the pes
18.one of the two bones of the forearm, it extends from the lateral side of the elbow
20.consists of 6 different bones, each has its own unique physical characteristics
21.found on the lateral side of th tibia, is the smaller of the two bones that run between the knee and the ankle
22.any of the bones of the foot, a set of five bones
24.a thickened ventral plate of the body
25.one of the two long bones in the forearm, is prismatic in form, is on the side opposite to the thumb
1.connects the scapula and the lower arm
2.is thick, circular-triangular bone that articulates with the femur, sesimoid
4.the anvil shaped bone or ossicle in the middle ear
6.is the uppermost and largest bone of the pelvis
7.the inferior maxillary bone
10.formed of fused vestigial vertebrae, is a triangular bone
11.forms a transverse arch to which the rigid row of distal carpal bones are fixed
13.is the most proximal and is the longest and largest in the human body
14.humans have 14 ofd them
17.one of three small bones, stirrup shaped transmitting vibrations
19.connects the humerus with the clavicle, Greek word meaning digging tool
23.humans have 12 pairs, encloses the thorax

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