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E Business

CyRidge High School

Internet and E Commerce

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1.businesses that allow customers to house their Web site documents on the companies’ servers
3.refers to a customer’s preference for a particular product
5.business-to-business business model that applies when a business transacts information, goods, or services with another business
7.a retailer that sells its products via traditional channels (catalog, bricks-and-mortar, and telephone) as well as via an online channel
8.government-to-consumer business model that allows consumers to easily access relevant information from government agencies
9.a system of policies, operations, resources, and technologies used to generate revenue
12.business-to-consumer business model that applies to any business or organization that uses the Internet to sell its products or services to consumers
13.any process a business conducts over a computer network
15.Send small electronic messages via the internet – electronic mail
16.a system that works much in the same way as a cordless telephone, adding short-range radios to stationary computers, laptops, and handheld personal digital assistants
17.the sequence of design, production, and marketing efforts a business conducts to deliver its products at the right price and time
18.consumer-to-consumer business model that allows consumers to interact with one another online to transact goods and services
20.Domain Name Extension nonprofit organizations
21.a program used to view, download, surf, or access Web documents
22.hypertext markup language the standard language for the Web browser; an easy-to-learn standard that uses tags to structure text and display visual elements
23.an addressing scheme employing words and phrases to identify and locate computers on the Internet
25.Domain Name Extension government sites
27.handheld personal digital assistants
29.when pricing changes create a change in the amount of goods or services consumers are willing to buy at a certain price
32.a global network of computers, communication tools, and information resources
33.wireless Internet service provider companies that offer wireless connection services to the public
2.a company that provides other companies or individuals with access to or a presence on the Internet
4.the production of goods that offer specialized choices to mainstream buyers
5.business a business with a physical storefront
6.business-to-government business model that connects the private sector to the government marketplace
10.uniform resources locator indicates the address of a Web site; it consists of two primary parts: the hypertext transfer protocol and the domain (or server)
11.Domain Name Extension educational institutions
14.Domain Name Extension Internet administrative entities
16.a vast global collection of graphical and hypertext Internet pages that can be read, viewed, and interacted with via computer
18.search engines that use automated computer programs to scan Internet databases in search of new or revised Web pages
19.Domain Name Extension commercial entities or companies
24.pure-play retailers or businesses that sell good to consumers primarily through the Internet
26.Transmission control protocol, Internet protocol the common underlying language or protocol through which systems communicate on the Internet
28.hypertext transfer protocol the language that moves hypertext files across the Internet and defines the rules for transferring those files, which may include text, graphic images, sound, video, or other multimedia
30.consumer-to-business business model in which the customer initiates the transaction, posting an intent or desire to buy a certain product at a certain price
31.Domain Name Extension military sites

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