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Chapters 3-4

Emily Carpenter

For history Hour 6th date: 1-9-14

1                 2    
3     4                     5        
  6   7                
    9     10
        11         12  
13   14            

1.Which island was the main island for the Europeans?
3.Who was the leader that founded the standered oil company?
7.What helped the economy by transporting goods?
8.What is diversity?
11.What is a human resorce?
15.Who invented the Airplain?
18.What was the battle of Wonded Nee knowen for?
20.What wasThe Battle Of Little Bighorn also knowen as?
21.What is the name of the group that has an unfair negitive opinion a group of people?
22.Which island was the main island for the Chinese?
23.What was Custer?
2.Who invented the telephone?
4.Which people were afected in the westword expanchin?
5.What invention changed transportation?
6.What was one thing that lead to labor unions?
9.What did the Native Amarians call the path to thair new home on the other side of the contanent during the westword expanchen?
10.What Industry efected the automobile indestrey?
12.What was one of the goals of the Amarican Federation?
13.Which comander lead the U.S in the battle of "Custers Last Stand" ?
14.Who were the exodusters?
16.What caused people to move to calafornia?
17.Who invented the light bulb?
19.What type of indestry could basicly do anything?

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