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President's Day

K. Khalid

Trivia about the presidents of the U.S.

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2.Heaviest President
3.The last president to never fly in plane. He also never owned a car
7.His nickname was "Dubya", the Texas way of saying "W"
9.He owned two Beagles named "Him" and "Her"
11.He came into his first term in office as a bachelor, only the third time that had ever happened.
13.Author of the Declaration of Independance
15.Tallest President
20.Was the first president to use electricity in the White House, installed by Edison General Electric Company.
21.He was the first U.S. president to be born in a hospital, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2002, and his father was a peanut farmer.
22.He replaced Nixon when Nixon resigned in '74, but lost re-electin to Jimmy Carter in '76
23.Youngest ELECTED President
26.First President born a U.S. citizen.
28.The birthplace of the greatest number of Presidents. It boasts eight.
30.He contracted what was diagnosed as polio in 1921 while on vacation in Canada.
31.He was the first president to have his picture taking before becoming president., the first President to wear trousers at his inauguration, he was the son of a former President,.
34.Published his autobiography "Dreams from my Father," in which he admits to experimenting with marijuana and cocaine as a teenager.
35.best remembered for his assassination 100 days after he assumed office, was the poorest man ever to have become President.
40.Died of pneumonia one month to the day after making the longest U.S. presidential inauguratin speech on record.
41.They called him "Give 'em Hell Harry"
42.His nickname was Old Hickory, given to him by his army who thought he was as "tough as old Hickory"
43.First President to visit all 50 states.
1.He was one of only three Presidents that didn't have any children, was the first president to have his inauguration reported by telegraph. Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, tapped out his address.
2.He signed the Texas statehood bill into law on March 1, 1845, a mere three days before the end of his term.
4.In his first year, he was confronted with the Lebanese hostage crisis, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, and the ongoing war against drug trafficking.
5.During his inauguration, he chose not to swear his oath of office on a bible, choosing instead to "affirm" his oath on a law book.
6.The first President born west of the Mississippi River and the only President born in Iowa.
8.First President to live in the White House, he moved in before it was even finished!
10.He began to veto many of the bills passed by Congress. He vetoed so many bills he became known as "The Veto President".
12.He was last president who was never photographed and the first president to live in the White House when it was actually white.
14.He was the first president to ride in an automobile while in office. After he was shot, he was transported to the hospital in an electric ambulance.
16.Youngest President to serve
17.Oldest President ever elected.
18.He was the last president to be born in the nineteenth century.
19.The smallest President, in height and weight
24.Hosted weekly poker games at the White House and once lost all of the White House china gambling
25.He was best known as the Union general who led the North to victory over the Confederate South during the American Civil War, was one of only three presidents to graduate from a military academy. He graduated from West Point , and Mark Twain offered him a generous deal to write his memoirs
27.He established the White House Library.
29.He was known as "Old Rough and Ready", was the second cousin of James Madison.
32.He was the first president to take the Oath of Office in his own home, made no Inaugural Address, and had no Vice President
33.Born at Pope's Creek, Virginia and married to Martha, this President did not have a middle name.
36.He was the only President to remain a lifelong bachelor.
37.The first president to receive a PhD which he got in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.
38.He owned the first Presidential pet to have it's own web site; a cat named Sox.
39.He was the first president to use a telephone while in office.

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