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Civics Vocab

Michael Wiest

This puzzle will help you remember important words that are crucial to understand our government.

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2.Freedoms granted by the goverment.
4.To change something (most of the time) for the better.
6.Freedoms that are guaranteed to the american public that must not be infringed.
8.The idea that all legal procedures must be fair.
10.Strong reason to search your home and/or belongings.
13.When the government keep information from the public by blocking the media.
14.The thought that the law applies to everyone and does not change for anybody
17.When people gather signatures to change a law or rule.
18.The tax you pay when you vote.
1.When someone is accused of commiting a crime that they have already been found innocent in the past.
3.A set of rules that kept African-Americans from getting jobs.
5.The states power to take private land and use it for public use.
7.Giving away things that could guarantee you being found guilty.
9.The right to vote.
11.Being officialy brought to court for a crime.
12.The right to say whatever you want (To a certain degree) and not get in trouble.
14.Certain privilages that are granted to the people.
15.Something that keeps you from being at your best.
16.Written untruths that harms a person's reputation.

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