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1 2 3 4
5             6                      
8                   9  
11 12      

5.Type of sugar formed during photosynthesis that provides food for plants and other organisms.
6.Organelle where cellular respiration takes place to releases energy for a cell.
8.Type of energy produced during cellular respiration.
10.The process by which light energy is use it to make food from carbon dioxide and water.
13.Gas needed for photosynthesis and produced during cellular respiration.
14.Energy of motion.
15.Specialized organelles in plants cells where photosynthesis takes place… contains chlorophyll.
16.Potential energy stored in the chemical bonds of glucose during photosynthesis.
18.Process in which oxygen reacts with glucose to release the energy stored in the chemical bonds of glucose.
19.Gas needed for cellular respiration and produced during photosynthesis.
20.Type of energy related to or caused by heat used or produced by organisms after cellular respiration.
1.Substances used to carry out life processes that may or may not provide energy.
2.Small pores in leaves of plants where gas exchange takes place.
3.Type of nutrient that provides energy and the building blocks for growth and tissue repair.
4.Type of organic compound produced during photosynthesis and used during cellular respiration.
7.Energy of work used by organisms after cellular respiration.
9.Energy that is stored.
11.Another name for light energy. Required for photosynthesis to occur.
12.Green pigment in plant cells that absorbs light for photosynthesis.
17.Simple carbohydrate produced by plants that is made of many glucose molecules linked together.

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