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Three Branches/Checks & Balances

Mr. Benevento

1 2     3                
6                 7              
      8       9
  10     11    
    12   13                      
16                                 17      
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      21 22       23  
24                 25    
  28     29            

2.Capital of the country (2 Words)
4.The highest court in the land (2 Words)
6.Elects the President of the United States (2 Words)
8.Abbreviation for the head of the Executive Branch
13.Current President (2 Words)
15.Total number of Senators (2 Words)
16.Presidential power to create laws to manage the operations of the government (2 Words)
17.Length of a term for the Executive (in years)
19.Length of the term for a member of the Supreme Court
20.The Legislative Branch ______________ the law
22.Length of a term for a member of the House (in years)
24.number of Supreme Court Justices
26.Total number of representatives in the House (4 Words)
27.Number of senators for each state
29.Another word for judge
30.The Judicial Branch _____________ the law
31.Group of advisors
32.The Executive Branch ______________ the law
33.Representatives and Senators are elected by the people from their ________
1.Determines the number of representatives in the House
3.One of the bodies of the Legislative Branch (3 Words)
5.Process used to remove a President or Supreme Court Justice
7.Military title of the President (3 Words)
9.Length of a term for a Senator (in years)
10.Name for the two houses of the Legislative Branch when together
11.Name of person who heads the current Supreme Court (2 Words)
12.Document that outlines our government
14.Title of most members of the President's Cabinet
18.Head of the House of Representatives (2 Words)
21.Fractional super majority vote needed to override a veto (2 Words)
23.One of the bodies of the Legislative Branch
25.Current Vice President (2 Words)
28.Decision to NOT sign a bill into law

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