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Vocab. Terms Crossword

Farooq Tariq

1 2 3
      4     5
6         7
8               9                
10                             11  
  13   14     15          
      16               17
18           19           20          
            21 22          

4.Overall atmosphere of the story
8.Disturbed or Annoyed
9.Comparing two unlike things without using a specific word to compare
10.Energetic Movements
15.Turning point of the story/where most action occurs
18.A situation that turns out to be the opposite of what you intended to happen
21.A way of speaking that is characterized by a particular place or group of people
23.Restating a text/document in your own words but still including all the information
24.People, places, or events that have meaning themselves but also stand for something else
1.Say one thing, but mean something else
3.Special and Original
5.When you know something that the character dose not know
6.Nonhuman/inanimate things that are given lifelike or human qualities
7.Crucial; of greatest importance
11.A method used to produce a specific effect
12.Expressions that are not necessarily true but suggest similarities between unrelated things
13.Gives clues to find what probably will happen next in the story
17.Comparing two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
19.Reality vs. Expectation
20.To decide the intended meaning of something
22.Language that creates word pictures and appeals to the senses

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