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Earth's Freshwater

Joseff Rey L. Pizon

Solve the following crossword puzzle.

1               2   3       4
  5     6      
7 8            
9             10
  13 14         15            

1.contamination of water
5.chunk of ice that floats in water
8.word's longest river
9.bottom of the channel
11.water that filled the shallow depression of the earth
13.water that filled the deep and large depression of the earth
15.moving mass of snow
16.erodes banks and bed of a channel
17.body of water flowing in a channel regardless of size
18.pollutes the water
19.body of water with a small random series channel
2.bank erosion
3.body of water that flows into another stream
4.a kind of pollutant that is resistant to environmental degradation
6.sides of the river
7.bed erosion
10.body of water that connects bigger bodies of water
12.stream that falls downward
14.world's largest river

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