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Putting a spell(ing) List on you!

Mr Williamson

Use the review sheets (6,12 and 18) to solve this crossword.

1 2
5     6  
8         9  
10   11             12
13             14 15      
  16               17    
  19 20             21    
22                 23             24
27     28       29  
      30             31  
32             33            
  34           35 36      
  37           38          
39             40                        
41               42            
43     44    
45     46       47                 48       49  
        51         52     53
55           56             57            

4.a scowl or unhappy look
5.crunchy and dry
8.a large open grassy area
11.a large quantity of cars on the road
13.long and thin
16.not good for you
18.grey mist from a fire
22.to shake uncontrollably
23.to make believe something is real
26.a bubble formed when you burn yourself
27.the step part of a ladder
30.a game similar to baseball and soccer combined
32.a force that pulls you down
34.whimpers and tearful
38.to mix very well
39.to violently fly apart
40.to appreciate something
41.to stack on top of something
42.a swing made from a bar
45.new and nice smelling
47.a small ice crystal
48.to make smaller in size
50.to not agree with
51.to brown using heat
52.a bubbly substance
55.a message used to recognize a product
56.a wool cloth to help keep you warm
57.a reflex to clear your nose
58.items needed to get a job done
1.a burglar
2.to guess correctly
3.a powder made from ground wheat
6.to change something around
7.a tool used for gripping
9.to give someone in need
10.to bother someone without relent
12.very large
14.an organ used for solving problems
15.to make a mistake
17.an open ended envelope to hold papers
19.someone who works for you
21.the antonym of flawed
24.having great significance to you.
25.a large movement of people of animals
28.a thick layer of ice and snow
29.to almost trip
30.to have all the part present
31.to remove
33.a stinging arthropod
35.a young horse
36.to push into someone's space
37.the top part of a room
43.a waxy type of writing tool
44.a spiky plant that lives in the desert
46.a deep sadness
47.someone you do not know
49.to gloat or speak about something loudly
53.a tall pole to hold a sail
54.to hit hard

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