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Julius Caesar Act III

Mrs. Thorp

1 2
8 9                      
11                   12  
    13 14                      
  16                 17        
18             19                

4.These were Ceaser's (almost) last words; the most famous
5.The day Caesar was assinated
7.This person's release from banishment is the reason the conspirators could get close to Caesar
9.Killed by the mob "for his bad verses"
11."Friends, Romans, _____, lend me your ears."
14.This is a very constant body in the heavens
16.". . . but as he was _____, I slew him."
17.This conspirator stabbed Caesar first
18.did not want Antony to speak at the funeral
19."Brutus is an _____ man."
1.the conspirators bathed their hands in this
2."liberty, freedom, and _____!"
3.This person tried to ward Caesar about the assassination
6.thought Antony speaking at the funeral would be OK
8.Caesars will gave each Roman man 75 of these
10.there were two speeches at Caesar's _____
12.Antony speaks at the funeral with the conspirators' _____.
13.came to Rome after Caesar's death; Caesar had requested him to come previous to his death
15.Who said, "What touches us ourself shall be last served"?

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