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1st Semester Science Review

Margaret Craft

1 2
  3 4                      
5                 6            
    10 11                  
12                     13         14
    15   16            
17     18      

4.__________ helps play a role in helping an ecosystem sustain life.
5.Where animals move North and South to get to a place with a climate best suited for them.
6.All organisms are made up of cells and ______ energy.
7.What is the powerhouse of a cell?
9.Where gravity makes the roots of a plant to grow downward.
11.The amount of an animal in a certain area.
12.Where types of an animals die so just a few of that animal is living in a specific habitat. (2 Words)
16.Organic matter that can be converted to fuel.
19.Scientist use ___________ _____ to identify various species including insects and plants. (2 Words)
20.A biotic community characterized by its plants and animals, and maintained under the climatic conditions of the region, especially such a community that has developed to climax.
1.Where everything is in balance.
2.What you are looking for; the change you want. (2 Words)
3.The pressure exerted by water inside the cell against the cell wall. (2 Words)
8.Organisms are uniquely _______ to their environment.
10.That matter and energy is constantly __________ from one form to another.
13.____ have an important role on sustaining life on Earth.
14.To stay in place.
15.An area defined by its environmental conditions, esp climate, landforms, and soil characteristics.
17.organelle/cell/______/organ/organ system/organism
18.The study of plants, including their classification, structure, physiology, ecology, and economic importance.

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