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Chapter 15 Sections 3-5 Key Term Review

2 3               4 5        
  7     8                  
9                       10
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3.________ star clusters are large groupings of older stars
4.large cloud of dust and gas
7._______ are small comet-like bodies that are the building blocks of planets
9.______ ______ is matter that does not give off electromagnetic radiation (2 Words)
11.cosmic background ______ is the leftover energy from the big bang
15.type of galaxy that does not have a regular shape
18.a _______ nebula id a glowing cloud of gas that is created from the outer layers of a red giant
19.______ are spinning neutron stars
22.all of space and everything in it
23.a _______ star system occurs when one star blocks light from another star
1.______ ______ is a mysterious force that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate (2 Words)
2.the blue-white core of a star that is left behind after its outer layers have exploded (2 Words)
5.type of galaxy that have shapes that are round or oval
6.the ____ ____ is a theory that explains that the universe began with a huge explosion (2 Words)
8._____ _____ are the remains of high mass stars (2 Words)
10.the brilliant explosion of a dying supergiant star
12.distant enormously bright objects that look almost like stars
13.contracting cloud of dust and gas with enough mass to form a star
14.huge group of single stars
16.______ stars are star systems made of two stars
17.a _____ _____ is an object with gravity so strong that nothing can escape (2 Words)
20.type of galaxy that bulge in the middle and that have arms that spiral outward
21._____ star clusters have a loose disorganized appearance

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