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The Bakers Secret

Sarah Babcock

2   3   4     5 6 7
          8     9
  10   11     12             13
14 15                         16     17
20                   21        
  22               23  
      25           26
28         29          
31               32   33
    34         35 36        
38       39     40      
42           43        

2.these pans retain more heat and require a lowering of oven tempeture
4.a common mixing method requires just one of these
8.this type of flour contains less gluten and gives a tender structure
10.yeast produces a carbon dioxide _____
12.dry heat in a conventional oven causes baked products to become ______
15.products bake by dry heat in a _____ oven
16.recipe directions should tell how long to ___ a baked product before removing it from the pan
20.this kind of paper is recommended as a suitable pan liner
21.wax in waxed paper does this when heated
22.baked products do not brown when cooked in this type of oven
24.a mixture that is similar to dough but has more liquid in it
25.this is a popular flavoring
28.the most common type is sugar
30.baked goods become ____ when cooled on a solid surface
31.do this to a oven to ensure accuracy of cooking times
34.to work dough with the hands to mix ingredients and develop gluten
36.this type of dough is firm to the touch
37.this type of flour has the highest gluten content and gives a strong structure
38.if the ___ is too larger or too small, a baked product will not bake properly
39.this leavenening agent is a microorganism that produces carbon dioxide
41.produced during baking as water in the product heats
42.the longer a dough is mixed, the more _____ the gluten becomes
43.this part of flour absorbs the liquid in a mixture and helps provide structure
1.this type of batter is thin enough to pour in a steady stream
3.fats amf eggs help to make baked products _____.
5.these ingredients act as agents to help baked products rise
6.this mixing method is used for parties and biscuits
7.a protein in flour which, when developed, affects the texture of baked products
8.products with this type of filling must be refrigerated to prevent spoilage
9.an ingredient that adds flavor, richness, nutrients, and color
11.a solid form of vegetable fat
13.this type of batter is thich and is usually spooned into pans
14.for success in baking, it is important to follow each _____ of the recipe sequence
17.to reduce dishwashing, use a ____ in muffins cups
18.mixing only long enough to combine ingredients helps make a baked product _____
19.this ingredient combines withan acid liquid to produce gas for leavening
21.this method of mixing is used to make a variety of quick breads
23.a mixture that has less liquid and may be worked with hands
26.cream of tartar is a powdered ______ found in baking powder
27._____ paper may transfer chemicals to food if used as a pan liner
29.flavoring in liquid form
31.all-______ flour is made up of wheat and gives good results for most products
32.this kind of paper may melt if used as a pan liner
33.a leavening agent that is trapped in mixtures as they are beaten
35.lard and butter are examples of _____ fats
36.most of the _____ in baked products is made from the protein and starch in flour
40.this type of dough is sticky when handled

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