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Gr 8 Poetry Terms

Mrs. Milligan

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1.written in three lines and employing highly evocative allusions
5.a verse that tells a story
9.poems general statement about life or people
10.a song or poem that tells a story and has a repeating refrain
12.a collection of poems
17.a five line poem with a nonsense or humorous theme
20.attribution of human characteristics to a creature, idea, or object
25.the repetition of the final consonant sound without repetition of the vowel sound
26.the literal definition
28.saying one thing and meaning something else
29.pattern formed by words ending in similar sounds at the end of lines (2 Words)
30.two lines that rhyme
33.comparison of two unlike things without "like" or "as"
36.anything that has a meaning of its own but also stands for something beyond itself
37.grouping lines of poetry
38.repetition of the same sound at the end of lines
2.language that appeals to the senses
3.a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter and follows a rigid rhyme scheme
4.direct comparison of two essentially unlike things, using "like" or "as"
6.recurring at intervals in a poem or song, usually at the end of a stanza
7.repetition of similar sounds in a line of poetry
8.a set of four lines with a regular rhythm and rhyme pattern
11.the feeling a word or phrase evokes
13.in praise or memory of someone or something
14.saying more than is true
15.a noun written vertically and each letter is used as the first word for each line of the poem.
16.a seven line poem which tells about opposites
18.the formation and use of words that suggest by their sounds the object of idea being named
19.a kind of picture made out of printed type
21.repetition of vowel sounds within a line of poetry
22.a poem with no specific rhythm or ryhme sceme (2 Words)
23.a five line poem arranged by words or syllables
24.a trite or overused expression or idea
27.placing single word-opposites beside each other for dramatic effect
28.poems that have neither fixed rhythm or fixed rhyme (2 Words)
31.a short poem of intense feeling and emotion
32.a five line poem consisting of thirty one syllables
34.the musical flow of language
35.saying the opposite to what is true (somewhat humorous)

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