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Mr. Hobson

1 2         3 4
6             7
  9 10                         11    
13                 14                  
15 16                                    
19               20                
      22 23                      
      26       27        
  28                           29
  30                             31
33                 34              

2.a natural discharge of groundwater
5.forms when carbon dioxide gas dissolves in water and combines with water molecules (2 Words)
6.gas, caused by the radioactive decay of uranium, that can pollute groundwater
9.region below Earth's surface which is above the water table in which materials are moist but are not saturated with water (3 Words)
13.the difference between the original water-table level and the water level in a pumped well
14.barrier to groundwater flow
16.type of landscape that is characterized by sinkholes and disappearing streams (2 Words)
17.simplest type of well that is dug or drilled into a water-table aquifer
18.type of dripstone that hangs from a cave's ceiling
19.a lowered area of the local water-table around a well due to overpumping (3 Words)
23.temperature above which a spring is classified as a hot spring
24.upper boundary of the zone of saturation (2 Words)
25.forms when a stalactite and a stalagmite grow together (2 Words)
26.type of rock in which most caves form
28.the tendency of a material to let water pass through
30.classification of water that trickles downward as a result of gravity
32.problem caused if groundwater is pumped out at a greater rate than the recharge rate
33.a natural discharge of very warm groundwater (2 Words)
34.permeable sediment and rock through which groundwater may flow through
1.most of the world's freshwater supply is held in these
3.an explosive hot spring
4.formal name for calcite (2 Words)
7.the amount of pore space in a material
8.type of well that can spurt water due to the higher elevation of the recharge area to the discharge area
10.one of the most famous geyser's in the world (2 Words)
11.process in which water from precipitation replenishes the water content of a aquifer
12.sinking of land caused by excessive withdrawal of groundwater
15.region below Earth's surface in which groundwater completely fill all the pores of a material (3 Words)
20.nearly 50% of freshwater is used for this purpose in the United States (2 Words)
21.mound-shaped dripstone built up from a cave's floor
22.process by which precipitation that has fallen on land trickles in the ground and becomes groundwater
27.a depression in the ground caused by the collapse of a cave
29.a natural underground opening with a connection to Earth's surface
31.hole dug or drilled into the ground to reach an aquifer

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