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Everything you know (or should) about your wonderful girlfriend Andrea Alexandra Sage... Aka you're going down

Last name ever, first name greatest

Basically at the end of this debacle you're going to have to write me a little story.. Make it good cutie pie ;)

1 2 3
5             6    
8 9              
  10 11    
14 15         16

5.What was my highschool's mascot?
7.What food could I eat every single day?
9.What do I wanna name my pug?
11.What's the name of my street?
13.When I was little what was my dream profession?
17.What is my dream car when I'm rich enough to afford it? (Not punch-bug)
18.What animal would I own if it was legal to do so? I find them to be adorable.
19.Favorite song;)
20.What was the name of my highschool?
1.How old was I when I lost my virginity?
2.Real middle name?
3.Favorite tv show?
4.What's my favorite flower?
6.What am I allergic to?
8.Favorite color?
10.What was my favorite subject in highschool?
12.What sport was I considering doing instead of cheerleading?
14.What's the name I use for creepy guys at bars? (I can't think of any more questions)
15.What baseball team am I the BIGGEST FAN OF.
16.What is my favorite season of the year?

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