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Ohio's Organisms

Aaron Burns

A challenging yet fun crossword puzzle of your favorite Ohio animals

1 2 3 4 5
6                                 7  
  9                                         10      
    12           13        
15       16                                
      17     18        
19                                         20
22               23    
    24               25  
              26                 27      
      28 29   30      
31                     32                    
33                   34                    

6.is a species of "pack rat" in the genus Neotoma. Once believed to be a subspecies of the eastern woodrat, extensive DNA analysis has proven it to be a distinct species
9.This jumping mouse can be identified by its bright yellowish sides, brownish back, white belly, large hind feet, and long, white-tipped tail.
10.This sleek furbearer is weasel-like or ferret-like in appearance possessing a long, narrow body, but is considerably larger with a bushier tail. It has small, rounded ears, beady eyes, short legs, and sharp claws.
11.This species is usually dark brown in color with a silvery to slightly buffy or dark gray belly and bi-colored tail. The fur is long and soft.
12.largely unnoticed in Ohio because of their secretive and nocturnal nature. Their short, stout bodies are built for rapid digging so they are capable of hiding themselves quickly when alarmed
16.crafty, cunning, sneaky, brown furred animal who can do anything fur is short, cousin to the least weasel, white fur in summer
19.has brownish gray upperparts and a grayish belly. Its tail is extremely short and its ears are nearly concealed by hair.
21.a rodent that resembles a large mouse, typically having a pointed snout and a long, sparsely haired tail
26.has numerous body plates on its back, sides, and belly. This fish has no scales and the skin is very coarse.
31.has a brown coat in the summer and white coat in the winter. A distinguishing characteristic is that it does not have a black tip on the end of its short tail.
32.a lake erie sport fish dark scaled, with razor sharp teeth that could bite your hand off
33.a tree with silver-gray bark and compound leaves. The ash is widely distributed throughout north temperate regions where it can form forests.
34.brother to the gray squirrel, another of ohio's fiercest animals, orange in color, tends to live in trees which is given the nickname tree rat, when provoked may throw tree branches and nuts at you
35.uniformly dull brown color except for a bicolored tail that is yellowish below and brown above. Its feet are pale in color.
36.a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large ears and eyes, and a long tail
37.have two coats of hair. The thick fur undercoat keeps the muskrats warm in winter, and the outer coat is made up of long, shiny waterproof hairs
38.loves to swim kinda like a muskrat slightly larger eats snails, shells and other water dwelling organisms, on occasion is known to dance on land to avoid predators
1.a tree that bears acorns as fruit, and typically has lobed deciduous leaves
2.This olive-yellow mouse has a long tail and large hind feet that help to distinguish it from other mammals.
3.uniformly dark brown, often with a distinctive pinkish or chestnut color. However, individual hairs are actually tri-colored, which helps differentiate them from the little brown bat that they closely resemble. The wing membranes are dark brown. This similarity in appearance to the little brown bat can make the two species difficult to distinguish.
4.ohio's cleverest animal only seen by few people, may grow as high as ten feet and eats humans and coyotes for dinner
5.may attain a length in excess of six feet, but average three to four feet long. These rattlers have two basic color phases. The yellow phase has a series of dark brown or black chevron-shaped crossbands on a ground color of brownish yellow. The black phase has the crossbands on a ground color of blackish brown.
7.Blue flecks on its bluish-black body is the best field mark. This produces an impression of the coloration of old-fashioned enamelware.
8.The upperparts of this little mouse are a pale to rich reddish-brown. Its belly and feet are white. The tail is usually shorter than the entire length of the body.
12.single-celled protozoan parasite of cattle which occasionally infects humans
13.Large tan, with a white tail sometimes has antlers
14.ohio's most renown burrower likes making holes on occassion is known to attack when provoked, can draw blood with large white incisors, brown and furry
15.white rabbit also known as a hare jumps like no other rabbit in ohio
16.Usually found late summer to Autumn on disturbed ground, very often road verges and the gardens of newly built houses, where it consumes all the odd bits of wood buried by the builders. About 50mm in diameter, up to 300mm high.
17.loves to lure small young children close to it while playing dead only to awake and scare them and scamper away to a tree to hang upside down and laugh
18.This medium-sized brown bat looks like a smaller version of the big brown bat. The hair on its back is a bronze-brown, whereas the hair on its underside is slightly lighter. The muzzle is hairless and black.
20.mole is easily identified by its nose, which is surrounded by 22 finger-like, fleshy tentacles. The body is dark brown or black and the tail is hairy.
22.the most common and most widespread hawk of North and Central America, with a reddish tail
23.very bright silver fish with a gold coloration to the iris of their very large eye. They have sharp teeth on their tongue and jaws.
24.native sport fish of lake erie with a yellow green body
25.another of ohio's fiercest animals,gray in color, tends to live in trees which is given the nickname tree rat, when provoked may throw tree branches and nuts at you
27.the most colorful of Ohio's 8 Percina species of darters. Unfortunately they have not been found in Ohio waters since 1893.
28.ohio's most cuddly animal, loves to chill in trees and eat some honey with his bros, big, black, furry, and cute
29.a white-headed North American eagle that includes fish among its prey. Now most common in Alaska, it is the national emblem of the US
30.never up to any good, likes to scatter around your house in the never ending search for cheese

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