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Lily Paravicini


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6.The choosing of the what? (Acts 6) (First Title) (1 word)
7.Jesus is also known as the what? (Acts 5:42) (1 word)
12.What does Barnabas mean? (Acts 4:36) (3 words)
15.Who was preaching in th Sanhedrian? (Acts 4:1) (3 words)
1.All the what were one in heart and mind? (Acts 4:32) (1 word)
2.Who was a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas? (Acts 4:36) (1 word)
3.They stirred up people and the elders and the teachers of the what? (Acts 6:12) (1 word)
4.Who were the 2 people who fell down and died? (Acts 5) (First Title) (3 words)
5.When Ananias heard what Peter said what happened? (Acts 5:5) (4 words)
8.Who met with the Gentiles and the people of Isreal? (Acts 4:27) (3 words)
9.They heard him say Jesus of where will destroy this place? (Acts 6:14) (1 word)
10.The God of the Ancesters raised who from the dead? (Acts 5:30) (1 word)
11.Who was seized? (Acts 6) (2nd Title) (1 word)
13.The people sitting in the Sanhedrin looked at Stephen and they saw a face of a what? (Acts 6:15) (1 word)
14.When they heard this, they were furious and wanted to out them to what? (Acts 5:33) (1 word)

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