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final exam review 11A

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3.Realism accurately protrays _____ without idealizing it.
6.When Rip meets the stranger in the woods, Rip helps him ___ a beverage keg.
7.Stienbeck foreshadows the death of curley's wife by opening the chapter with the death of Lennie's ___.
9.Emerson believes a person should be confident in his or her _______.
10.Patrick Henry believes the British claim peace while increasing their ___ in America.
12.Edwards creates fear of burning forever in a fiery _____.
13.Patrick Henry was trying to __ otherss to fight against the British.
16.A major theme in Of Mice and Men.
18.Romantic writers felt that scientific reasoning discouraged ____.
19."The Tide Rises" communicatess that a human's future is unpredictable unlike nature's regular __.
23.In her poem, Bradstreet criticizes herself for valuing _____ to much.
24.Men are like mice in that they are often trapped, controlled by more powerful individuals, and ___.
25.transcendentalists see God in _____.
26.Edwards builds a sense of urgency by suggesting ____ may occur at anytime.
1.When the profane seaman died, the pilgrim felt his death was the ___ of God.
2.Thoreau believed people are controlled by what they ____.
4.Franklin develops a procedure to reach moral perfection that is __ and orderly.
5.The typical American Romantic hero is ruled by superior ___.
8.Franklin considers moral _____ possible through study and practice.
11.__ believed they could improve their lives by using logic and reason.
14.Emerson sees _____ as a corrupting force.
15.In "The Raven", the speaker's tone toward the raven changes to __ at the end.
17.Edward wants his sermon to jolt his congregation into seeking _____.
20.At the end of "The Raven", the speaker feels he will never ___ his despair.
21.Thoreau believed people are controlled by wat they _____.
22.In "The Cross in the Snow", the cross the speaker wears is emotional __ that never goes away

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