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Parker Reed

Parker Reed

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1.what was he message about marrying a prostitute supposed to represent
3.he rich people were taking the poor peoples _______
5.Married a prostitute
7.What was the name of Hosea's son
11.Was a farmer and a minor prophet
12.What was the name of the prostitute Hosea married
14.Who was Amos supposed to get the message to
2.amos was a farmer,a shepherd, and a _________
4.the message of amos's story was treat every one with _______
6.the name amos in hebrew means to
8.what was Hosea's daughters name
9.Who were the Israelites mistreating
10.god told Hosea to _____ a prostitute
13.How was Israel at the time
15.Who gave the message to Amos

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