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Kathryn Fallen's bible crossword puzzle

Kathryn Rose Fallen

1 2
4     5              
7                 8 9      
  10 11              
  13   14              

5.Israel has been unfaithful through this
6.The book of Hosea was written in the
7.One of Amos occupation, to watch a flock of sheep
8.How many occupations did Amos say he had
10.Northern Kingdom was crushed by the
12.He was a native of the southern kingdom of Judah, from the town of Tekoa
14.One of Amos occupation, to watch cattle
15.Amos spirit was summed up in the word
16.What is the northern kingdom
1.What is the southern kingdom
2.This was the unfaithful wife's name
3.Hosea's spirit was summed up in the word
4.What is the meaning of Amos name
9.Who had the unfaithful wife
11.The people were religious, but they were far from being
13.is the first of the twelve prophets in the Book of the Twelve

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