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Heidy Johnson


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4.Hosea parallels his own tragic marriage to his unfaithful wife Gomer to that of the covenant between who? (The book of Hosea,third paragraph)
5.On what mountain did God reveal to Elijah that Elisha was going to be his successor? (Who was the prophet Elisha. First paragraph)
8.What did God tell Hosea to name his daughter? (Chpt.1,verse 6)
9.What did God tell tell Hosea to name his son? (Chpt.1,verse 4)
10.This is the Hebrew word boqer, which refers to one who raises or tends cattle.(Amos,2 paragraph)
12.Elisha's what saved the King Jehoram
13.Amos was not a what prophet? (Amos,paragraph 3)
15.Hosea's wife Gomer was a
1.Elisha wanted to recongnized spiritually as the what to Elijah? (Who was the prophet Elisha,paragraph 2)
2.This was the wild fig (siq-mim in Hebrew) which exuded a ball of sap when nipped at the right season, and which hardened into a sort of edible fruit which the lower classes were able to afford. This tree was found at a lower altitude than Tekoa, so Amos undoubtedly had to do some traveling (perhaps down to the Dead Sea region) to tend these trees. (Amos,2 paragraph)
3.Elisha had a minstery of what? (Who was the prophet of Elisha,paragraph 5)
6.He is the first of the twelve prophets in the Book of the Twelve. (First paragraph on the book of Hosea)
7.What did Elisha use to part the waters of the Jordan? (Who was the prophet of Elisha,paragraph 3)
11.This is the Hebrew word noqed, which was a word used to describe a man who tended a particular small, rugged, speckled variety of sheep (called naqod) which required less food and could live well in the desert, and which produced a wool of superior quality and of great value.(Amos,paragraph 2)
14.The meaning of his name is “burden-bearer." (First paragraph and first sentence)

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