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Cole Smith

Cole Smith

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2.Hosea took the_____ daughter to marry her ( chapter 1)
7.Amos 1:1 gives us a fair picture of when it occupied( the first sentence in the fisrt paragraph under date)
8.Hosea was the son of ______( the 1 chapter)
9.Hosea married a _____( the book of Hosea)
10.Was one of the 12 prophets in the Book of the Twelve( 1 paragraph)
11.The ____ told Hosea to go love a woman ( chapter 3)
12.Amos attended cattle
14.Elisha's ____ saved the king ( 6 paragraph)
15.He was bold a fearless (3 paragraph)
16.He announced that _______ was concerned about sin wherever it was (the paragraph under Israel--- 2: 6-16
1.Hoseas son was named ______( chapter 1)
3.Gold told Elisha that he would be a (1 paragraph)
4.Elisha watched Elijah be taken in a ______(2 paragraph)
5.Described as a farmer( the fist word in the name)
6.Elisha had a minister of ______ (4 paragraph)
13.Amos was a man who tended a particular small flock of sheep

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