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Verbos Españoles Irregulares

Lisa Hain

Crossword to practice English to Spanish translation of common stem-changing or irregular Spanish verbs and their related nouns and adjectives.

1     2 3 4 5
  6     7      
8             9            
  10           11  
12                 13             14 15
  16 17 18             19        
20   21                
        22   23     24          
      26         27          
28             29
30               31       32       33      
34             35      
  36 37                    
40             41      
42 43             44   45   46
47       48           49            
50             51     52            
54             55        

1.Do you hear?
6.a story (noun)
8.I hear
9.you know
10.a test (noun)
12.Do you know?
13.sleeping (adj)
18.a smile (noun)
19.it smells
20.it prevents
23.I drive
26.a flight (noun)
27.they serve
30.we are
31.it turns on/lights
33.he says
34.they tell
37.feeling (noun)
38.I translate
39.I do
40.I prefer
43.we repeat
47.they sleep
49.lost (adj)
50.she loses
51.I give
52.you lie
53.it hurts
54.we give
55.we are
56.an ache (noun)
2.it follows
3.it dies
4.we fly
5.he falls
7.it is snowing
9.closed (adjective)
11.you are coming
12.the exit (noun)
14.dreams (noun)
15.snow (noun)
16.a lie (noun)
17.we know
21.I ask for
22.they laugh
24.you return something
25.the put
26.I go
28.a seat (noun)
29.they see
32.Do you understand?
33.a demonstration (noun)
35.the service (noun)
36.she governs
41.they obey
42.I love
44.we hear
45.I bring
46.power (noun)
48.dead (adjective)

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