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Introduction to Government

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2.Branch of Government that interprets the law
4.Theory of Governement that states
6.Thoery of Govenment that states power to rule comes from God
7.Branch of Government that is responsible for enforcing the law
10.Form of Government mind control "fear"
12.Form of dictatorship that controls all aspect of your live
13.Theory of Government that states government is formed by an agreement between the people and the government
16.Greek work that translatesd to "Rule of"
17.Federal Example of the Legislative Branch
18.Federal example of the Judicial Branch
20.Theory of Government that states governments are ruled by a single person or small group that keep control through violence
21.Form of government that passes the right to rule down from generation to generation
1.Form of Dictatorship that states the wealthy have the power
3.Examples of Totalitarian Dictators
5.Enlightment thinker who said Gov is necessasy to avoid "the war of Every man Vs. Every man"
8.Form of Government mind control "media"
9.Branch of Government that is responsible for creating laws
11.Form of government in which the goevernment has no control
14.Form of Dictatorship that states one person has absolute control
15.Form of Government that is established through the rule of religion
19.Local Example of the Executive Branch

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