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3.Hebrew for to lift a burden (Amos para. 2)
4.the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief. (Amos para. 14)
6.Hebrew for a pile of something (Hosea Chapter 3 Verse 2)
7.aggressive greed. (Amos para.13)
9.a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall; a shortage of water resulting from this. (Under the message of Amos section)
10.An extremely wicked or cruel act (Under Message of Amos section)
12.word used to describe a man who tended a particular small, rugged, speckled variety of sheep (Amos)
13.having or indicating a tendency to be overly generous to or lenient with someone. (Amos para.13)
14.the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. (Amos para. 13)
1.An article of clothing (Hosea chapter 3 verse 4)
2.extreme scarcity of food. (Under the Message of Amos section)
4.biblical or related writings not forming part of the accepted canon of Scripture. (Hosea para. 6)
5.verbal punishment (Hosea para. 3)
8.wanting to avoid activity or exertion; lazy. (Amos para. 13)
11.Refers to one that raises or tends cattle (Amos para. 2)

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