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Ethan Jones


  3 4 5
  6               7
8               9            
13       14  

2.A tribe of Semites from Babylonia ( in the fourth paragraph of the Habakkuk background
6.Tends to types of cattle and sheep (in the second paragraph of the Amos background)
8.When all of the natural disasters happened ( in the thirteenth paragraph of the Joel backgrounds at of three words )
10.Name of person means burden- bearer ( in the first paragraph of the Amos background)
11.When this becomes the unlitmate condition of Gods people( in the twenty first paragraph in the Joel background)
12.What Habakkuk was ( in the seventeenth paragraph of the Habakkuk background)
13.The name means Yahweh is God ( in the first paragraph of the Joel background)
15.Where Amos did most of his prophet work ( in the eighth paragraph of the Amous background)
1.Someone once called Amos this ( in the ninth paragraph of the Amos background three words)
3.The ultimate coming of Jesus Christ ( in the fourteenth paragraph of the Joel background two words)
4.Ruler of all nations ( all over the internet)
5.Joel was a man of it ( in the third paragraph of the Joel paragraph )
7.Raises cattle ( in the third paragraph on the Amous background)
9.Name that means to embrace ( in the first paragraph of the Habakkuk background)
14.Suffering in the ramped of our world ( in the fifteenth paragraph of the the Habakkuk background)

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