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Sydney Bowdoin


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1.Hosea was the first of the Books of the Twelve. He was also considered one of the minor prophets because his writings were _____. (Second Paragraph of Hosea)
5.Elisha's faith saved the life of King Jehoram and the armies of Israel more than once, receiving revelation from God and mystifying the _______.(Elisha, paragraph 7)
6.Hosea parallels his own tragic marriage to his unfaithful wife, _____.(Paragraph 3, Hosea)
8.Elisha watched ______ fly into heaven on a fiery chariot. (Elisha, paragraph 3)
10.Elisha was the son of _______. (Elisha, paragraph 1)
12.Elisha foretold Israel's _______ against the Moabites.(Elisha, paragraph 4)
14.Elisha was ____ and fearless in the presence of King Jehoram. (Elisha, paragraph 4)
15.When Moabites put a dead man in Elisha's tomb, he miraculously came back to ____.(Elisha, last paragraph)
1.The meaning of the name Amos (two words with a hyphen between them, paragraph 1)
2.Amos had five significant _______. (Under The Message of Amos)
3.The book of Amos falls into _____ major divisions. (The Message of Amos)
4.The 16 prophets followed the _____.(First paragraph, Hosea)
7.Amos did almost all of his prophetic work in the city of ______. (Under Personal Background)
9.Amos was a citizen of _____. (Under Personal Background)
11.Elisha's prayer came to life when he wished for the Syrians to become _____.(Elisha, paragraph 8)
13.When a father would divide his property, the oldest son would receive _____ as much of their father's inheritance as the younger sons. (Elisha, paragraph 2)

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