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Unit 7&8 Vocabulary

Alina Baiju

1 2
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      13 14 15  
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4.a country that is governed by elected representatives
7.where the central and local governments share power
8.where the local governments hold most of the power
9.wealth in the form of money or other assets
10.a branch of a presidential democracy that includes the president
11.skills/knowledge of an individual that will help the country (2 Words)
16.democracy in which the people vote directly for the leader (2 Words)
21.this economy is based mainly on barter (2 Words)
22.a mix of market and command economies (2 Words)
23.a limit on the amount of imported goods
1.the head of the legislative branch in a parliamentary democracy (2 Words)
2.democracy in which the main branch is the legislative branch (2 Words)
3.when one person makes all of the decisions
5.total value of a country's goods and services (3 Words)
6.government by the people
12.where the central government holds most of the power
13.the economy where privately owned enterprises rule the (2 Words)
14.a cease of trading between 2 or more countries (ex. US and Cuba)
15.a tax on imported goods
17.this economy has total government control (2 Words)
18.a branch of a parliamentary democracy that includes the prime minister
19.the branch of a presidential democracy that includes the supreme court
20.when a small group of people makes all the decisions

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