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Amazing Crossword Puzzle!

Patrick Composto & Edwin St.Hilaire

The most amazeballs crossword puzzle of all time.

1 2 3
4                         5   6
  8         9                                
10     11            
    12   13                                
        14               15  
      16   17        
18                             19      
21   22                                  
  25                               26          
28 29                          

4.An example of a _______________ _______________ is 23i.
7.There's a _____________ amount of water you can put in a bucket.
8.Look there's a military __________.
9.When the exponent of an exponential function is less than 1 and greater than 0 it is a _______________ _______________ function.
10.The _______________ of a exponential growth graph is lim-> ∞ and lim -> -∞
13.A square root function is an example of this.
14.To calculate the _______________ _______________ of a population, you must find how many times it’s population halves within a certain time period.
18.A caterpillar has to go through a __________________ to become a butterfly.
22.The _______________ _______________ _______________ is a way to find out if a number/complex number is a rational root.
23.The formula to find an _______________ is -f(x) = f(-x)
24.The _______________ of an exponential growth graph is (0,∞)
25._______________ _______________ are the best because x is in the exponent.
27.F(x)= 12x3*4x2*x is an example of this function.
29.When you look in the mirror you see your ___________.
30.The format of _______________ _______________ is 3x | 5 3 4 0
31.The _______________ _______________ of F(x) = 4x2 + 3x is 4.
1.e is a mathematical _______________ that represents the number 2.718281828.
2._______________ _______________ is an asymptote that appears as a polynomial instead of a single number.
3._______________ _______________ are the inverse of an exponential function.
5.One example of a _______________ _______________ is 9/X.
6.The amount of water in the tank seems to be ______________ so much that the tank is almost empty.
7.If the _______________ of a root is odd then that root passes through the line x=0.
11.On f(x)=4x2 From (0, ∞) this function is _______________.
12.A _______________ is a special type of relation.
15.When the exponent of an exponential function is greater than 1 it is a _______________ _______________ function.
16.The inverse of a complex number is a _______________ _______________.
17.Two nations diplomatic _______________ may go south if they go to war with each other.
19._______________ _______________ are solutions to an equation, that can't be placed back into the equation.
20._______________ _______________ is a log base e function.
21.It feels nice to go back to my ______________.
26.G(x) = 5y*14 is a _______________ of F(x)= (x/14)/5.
28.Temperature is measured in ___________(s).

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