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raconter une histoire au passé

Racontez cette histoire au passé. Écrivez les sujets et les verbes au passé composé ou à l'imparfait.

2                                 3
      5 6                    
    7                       8 9
        11 12      
    13                           14 15
18                       19                  

2.She stopped to listen.
6.It was raining.
7.He cried.
10.She called the police.
13.Suddenly she heard a scream!
16.He was looking at the floor.
17.She ran to the car.
18.He got out of the car.
19.She was very relieved.
20.They looked terrified.
1.They arrived at the scene.
2.She went home.
3.She was walking to school.
4.They forgot the keys in the ignition.
5.He got up.
8.She opened the door.
9.It was 3:45pm.
11.They were shopping.
12.It was spring.
14.She could see a child behind the wheel.
15.It was cloudy and warm.

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