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1._________ lied to Naaman and Elisha. When Elisha found out he was given lepersey. ( Hint: Elisha 6 paragraph)
4._______ was a gentile that had lepersey that Elisha helped heal. ( Hint: Elisha paragraph 6 )
6.Amos had three different occupations, a herdsmen, cultivator of sycamore figs, and a __________.
10.Elisha believed God for a child to be born of a couple who had been hospitable to him. When the child suddenly died, Elisha again believed God and _________ him from the dead.
12.Hosea's unfaithful wife Gomer was a ____________,
13.Hosea is the __________ of the twelve prophets in the Book of the Twelve.
14.When the Moabites put a dead man in Elisha's tomb the dead man touched Elisha's __________ and stood up on his feet. ( Hint: Elisha last paragraph)
2.________ used Elijah's mantle to strike the waters of the Jordan, which parted, allowing them to cross over
3.Hosea referred to Isreal as
4.The book of Hosea was written in the _____________ kingdom
5.He was a native of the southern kingdom of Judah, from the town of Tekoa.
7.Amos was not a ____________ prophet.
8.Hosea parallels his own ___________ marriage to his unfaithful wife Gomer to that of the covenant between God and Israel.
9.Amos was a native of the __________ kingdom of Judah.
11.Amos was not a citizen from ____________.

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