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Walker O'Dell


1 2         3
  5 6  
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9   10     11        

1.Was a major prophet
4.Was a minor prophet.
8.This man was king of Isreal
10.This man was taken up in a chariot of fire.
12.Was a rich nation but took advantage of the poor.
13.This prophet confronted Isreal about how they were becoming rich.
14.Prayed that the Syrians would go blind.
2.This nation took over Isreal.
3.The prophets followed the 5 laws of Moses which was overall called the.(the prophet Hosea first paragraph.)
5.The man who had an unfaithful wife.
6.This prophet was very brief in his prophecies.
7.The unfaithful wife's name.
9.The wife represented Gods people.
10.This prophet had a feast with all of the blind Syrians instead of battling.
11.This nation lasted longer than Isreal.

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