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Peyton Hill

Peyton Hill

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1.Was a prophet who talked about false prophets and gods plans and human plans
3.Prophesied about Nineveh
6.Asked God to burn fire from heaven
7.He complained to The Lord and was answered by The Lord
8.Was a major prophet also know as the weeping prophet
11.Prophesied many word pictures
12.Prophetized that Zerubabbel was to be Gods signet ring
13.Was able to interpret dreams and got throw in a lions den
14.Was the last know prophet of the Old Testament
15.A prophet who was very serious about the scripture and was very short on the judging god would do
2.This was a major prophet that had the longest book
4.Was swallowed by a whale
5.Prophesied that many nations would fall
9.He is Gods "watchman"
10.Had a vision from god about Edom
12.Had to marry a unholy woman

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