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Brent Thompson


1       2   3
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  11     12          

1.Told Saul he would no longer would be king and anointed David
4.Married a prostitute to rep. That Israel was unfaithful to God.
5.With the help of Zachariah rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem
6.Known as the weeping prophets, was a major prophets
8.Let a woman have endless oil to pay off her debt. Preformed many miracles
10.Was the author of the book Micah
11.Told the coming of the triumphant king to Jerusalem
13.The prophet eaten by a fish
14.Sheltered many followers during the reign of Jezebel and fed and watered them
2.Asked God to burn a soaked bull
3.Warned king Joash that worship of idols lead to destruction
7.Was a very blunt prophet with no formal training
9.One of the major prophets with one of the longest books
12.The author of Habbuk
13.Told that a savior would come and destroy the world

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