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Michigan Cosmetology Laws

Ronniece Ray

Review your laws for state board finals or just for your school reviews.

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1.means on oral orwritten grievance
4.the number of times a school is imspected
8.the number of board members
9.a container that holds pre-sanitized implements or tools
11.anyone residing in this state who is 18 or older and is not married to or have a vested interest in an establishment or school
12.another term for act 299 of 1980
14.minimal practical application
16.How many hours does a Manicuring student spend in theory?
17.a container holding a liquid sanitizing agent
19.a salon
22.the number of Instructors that sit on the board
23.the number of licensed professionals
24.the number of times an establishment is inspected
25.the number of board members that represent the general public
2.means control and possesion
3.the date perscribed
5.means an expression of disapproval of a licensee's or registrant's professional conduct
6.any person registered in this field
7.means a person who has a license
10.means a departure from, or a failure to conform to, minimal standards of acceptable practice for the occupation
13.How many hours does a Cosmetology student spend in theory?
15.appointed by the governor
18.a place where students learn
20.the document issued to a person under this act which will enable them to use a designated title and practice this occupation
21.Material Safety Data Sheet

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