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Amelia Earhart: Pilot & Zontian

by Pam & Cheryl

This is a crossword puzzle of information about Amelia Earhart, a famous early Zontian, who is celebrated by Zonta Internation, honored annually, and the namesake of scholarships for women.

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  12 13                  

1.Current AE Fellows are invited to apply for a ________ year.
3.Amelia was first woman to receive the US Distinguished Flying ______
6.In 1928, Amelia joined this Zonta club (city)
7.Women in this area of study are awarded the AE Fellowship
9.AE Fellowship is the oldest and least funded ZI _______________________
10.A $500 loan from a Zontian in (Oregon city) started the Fellowship
13.AE awards have been given to those from this many countries.
14.Zonian who said "Women must try to do things as men have tried."
15.origination of record to flight to California in 1935
16.This relative was also a Zontian.
17.Amelia taught at this University.
2.Amelia belonged to a ZI club in this city too.
3.Amelia was an Associate Editor for this magazine, still in print.
4.month of record flight to California and month of AE Day
5.2014 is the 75th anniversary of the AE __________.
8.Total value of EA awards given is more than ______ million US $
11.Amelia was the first women to fly across this Ocean alone.
12.By ___________________ vote, the scholarship was started.

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