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Payson Marsh

6         7      
9           10             11

3.Elisha sent out his servant, _________, to tell Naaman to go wash in the Jordan seven times. Paragraph 7: ELISHA
4.Elisha was a true hero and champion for _________. ELISHA (10) paragraph
6.CHAPTER 2: Israel's Punishment and Restoration/ I will ______________ thee unto me in righteousness, and in judgment, and in lovingkindness, and in mercies. Last paragraph HOSEA
9.Amos was not a "__________" prophet- PERSONAL BACKGROUND (4) AMOS
12.to lift a burden, to carry- PERSONAL BACKGROUND (1) AMOS
13.His character, molded in the harsh terrain of the wilderness of Tekoa- PERSONAL BACKGROUND (8) AMOS
14.The Book of Hosea was written in the __________ __________. HOSEA (2) 2 words
1.Back of all moral, social, and political corruption there lies a basic cause: HISTORICAL BACKGROUND (14) 4 words AMOS
2.Elisha prayed that the Syrians would be made ________. ELISHA (9) paragraph
5.Hosea is the first of the _______ prophets in the Book of the Twelve. 1st paragraph HESEA
7.(Amos 7:7-9) --- The doom of the house of Jeroboam is announced- THE MESSAGE OF AMOS #3 3 words AMOS
8._________ revealed to Elijah that Elisha, the son of Shaphat, would be his successor. ELISHA-1st paragraph
9.The Book Hosea reveals the __________ of the prophet HOSEA (2)
10.After a full life of wonders, Elisha became ________. (10) paragraph ELISHA
11.CHAPTER 14: O Israel, return unto the _______ thy God. 1st paragraph HOSEA

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