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Mary Grace Story


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1.I devour them like a _____, the wild beast shall tear them (Hosea 13:8)
4.A cultivator of sycamore figs, a shepherd, and a herdsman (Amos paragraph 2)
5.But The Lord took me from following the ______ (Amos paragraph 4)
7.Amos was a man of sturdy moral fiber and __________ (Amos paragraph 8)
9.Bethel shall unto you because of your....... (Hosea 10:15)
12.Gehazi went after Naaman, and lied to him because he was very _______ (Elisha paragraph 6)
13.I found Israel like _____i in the wilderness (Hosea 9:10)
14.Then The Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he _____ (Elisha paragraph 7)
2.The captain of the host of the king of Syria (Elisha paragraph 6)
3.Thou art my people, and they shall say, thou art me _____ (Hosea 2:23)
4.To lift a burden, to carry (Amos paragraph 1)
6.Elish was bold and fearless in the presence of _____ _______ (Elisha paragraph 4)
8.This shall bury Egypt when they gather up (Hosea 9:6)
10.God made it clear that the _____ of religion was to love God with all the heart (Amos paragraph 14)
11.Elisha was a mighty man of valor, but was a _____ (Elisha paragraph 6)

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