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Kaitlyn Reyes


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3.Amos' name means "a heavy _________" (Article. Par.1)
6.Hosea was very _________ with god and he believed everything god did.
7.Amos was considered to be a moral and _____________ man. (Article Par.10)
8.Elisha's wife stayed with him for his __________. (Hosea 3:5)
11.Hoseas wife _______ bared him a child that he didn't know if it was his or not. Hosea 1:3
12.Never lost faith in god even when a boy died. (Article. Par.6)
13.A Shepard, herdsman, and cultivator. (Article. Par 2,3,4)
14.Hosea's city was punished for false gods; also known as __________. (Hosea 10:1-6)
15.Elisha was a faithful prophet, and one of the only faithful ones until he _____. (Article par.9)
1.Amos was not considered to be a "_____________" prophet. (Article par. 6)
2.Elisha's faith was told to have saved the life of ____________, and the armies of Israel. (Article par. 7)
4.God told Hosea to marry a ____________.
5.Amos was described as the first great ______________. Article par. 9)
9.Elisha was a true hero and champion of _______. (Article par.9)
10.Elisha had a ministry of ___________. (Article par. 5)

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