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Urinary System Crossword

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2.Region where kidney tubules drain urine
4.The Arteriole that takes blood away from the glomerulus
8.Gender lacking a prostate gland
9.A blood vessel that carries deoxygenated blood away from the kidney
10.A portion of the duct system of the Nephron which leads from the Bowman's Capsule to the Loop of Henle
13.The duct by which urine is expelled from the body, and which also in male humans expels sperm.
17.The main function of the Urinary System is to excrete ______ wastes
19.The region of the kidney containing the glomuleri and the convoluted tubules
21.Bean Shaped organs that serve the body as a natural filter of the blood, by removing wastes extracting essentials such as water, salts and nutrients.
23.A muscular partition between the urethra and the bladder
26.The urinary system can also regulate salts such as _________
28.Females are more prone to _________ invasions due to their shorter urethra
29.The hormone aldosterone stimulates the reabsorption of _________
30.A blood vessel that supplies the kidney with oxygenated blood
32.Ammonia from Amino acid breakdown in the liver combines with Carbon Dioxide to produce this fluid
34.A cluster of capillaries in the nephron of a kidney that filters waste products from the blood
35.Mass of kidney tissue shaped like cones.
36.Endocrine glands situated near the Kidney
37.A sac in which urine is temporarily stored.
1.Produced from the breakdown of Nucleotides
3.A muscular partition that constricts the urethra to retain urine
5.The Arteriole that brings blood into the glomerulus
6.layer surrounding the kidney
7.A portion of the duct system of the Nephron between the loop of Henle and the collecting duct
11.This Vitamin stimulates the reabsorption of calcium from digestive system
12.The urinary system excretes _______ ions and in turn reabsorbs bicarbonate ions to maintain blood pH level at 7.4
14.Region in the kidney surrounding the apex of the Renal Pyramid
15.A portion of the duct system of the Nephron from which water and salts are reabsorbed into the blood
16.Molecule that supplies energy for muscular contraction.
18.Initial area where urine first starts to form
20.Urinary System secretes this hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells
22.A gland behind the urethra that plays a key role in the male reproductive system
24.The innermost part of the kidney
25.Cells found on the Glomerulus that increase surface area for better filtration
27.The duct by which urine passes from the Kidney to the bladder
31.This enzyme is secreted to help with the secretion of a hormone known as aldosterone
33.A condition in which uric acid collects in the joints due to too much uric acid in the blood

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