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The Aberdeen Crossword

By an Aberdonian

For those who Fondly Recall The Hub City

1     2 3 4     5 6     7       8   9 10
11       12         13        
15 16                 17    
18 19 20        
21           22               23
24       25 26         27      
  28             29               30  
      31             32        
33   34         35                  
  36         37 38
39       40         41           42   43      
  45               46         47
48     49        
  50   51            
        52         53
54 55       56          
57         58         59               60  
  61             62      
63         64           65    
66   67       68   69  
70       71     72
    73 74    
75           76       77   78 79 80        
82       83            
85       86               87
89         90      
91     92       93    

1.Alternate source of Water for area
4.Size of the Fella at the restaurant just east of town
6.The Aunt from South of the Border
11.Thar be Thirsty Wolves here
12.Nickname for the city
13.TV station building still on north side of town
14.Wizard's Kingdom
16.Your Hometown Grocer
17.Super Fast Stationary place
20.Lake west of Aberdeen
21.Learning is always better next to a graveyard
22.First Locale of Walmart
26.Generates racing thunder
27.Clean little burg East of town
28.Storytelling Aberdonian
29.Transformed into a Pool house for Super 8
31.Not Hughes
32.Ramkota for example
33.Parading through Town
35.The Hub City
39.Hotel still on Main Street
41.Known for Rebels
43.Strange building for a winter sport
45.Popular Buffet on Sixth
46.Tacoma's Waterway
48.What a sweet Twist
50.Its SIgn Lights up Main Street
52.Arby's was built on the rubble of his building
55.the Bonanza once found on Roosevelt street
57.The pool from this place is still under a parking lot downtown.
58.Once found on the South Side
59.He Stands Stoic in his Namesake Park
61.Rolling Hills Sport
62.Once took out the Grain Palace
63.Bar'n's Ice Cream Building
64.Five Famous Fischers
67.Arts and Crafts next to Kmart
69.Thar be Saints here
70.Holdout grocery of Super City Mall
75.Recently retired from Selling Critters
76.The Unit allowed at the Aquatic Center
80.Its a Lake:Its a Park:its a Campground:etc
81.Found near Sisseton
82.Brings in Films from around the world
84.This number is Just Super
85.An Aberdeen American Thang
86.South Side's Dopplegangor
88.Once known for his Candy
89.Downtown Street
90.Found in Melgaard once a year
91.Restaurant on Sixth that had a water feature out front
92.Avian Watching Lake nearby
93.Color of the Chicken downtown
2.Nickname for Moccasin Creek
3.Thar be Cavaliers here
5.Once local favorite for Pizza
7.Boom Booms sold east of town
8.What locals call themselves
9.Grain that is Wild on Main St
10.Biegler's Business
15.Known for foreign made cars
18.Your Love Restaruant
19.Wylie Lake Feature
21.Days you can find Insane deals
23.Warehouse once next to McDonald's
24.People spotted a huge one over Wylie Park
25.Once Stoic feature of Sixth Avenue
26.Held once a year in the Civic Arena
30.When you gotta have a Slice
34.Garfield isn't a cat in this instance
35.Loves to stage plays
36.Palace taken out with Fireworks
37.Industrial Building across from the Boys and Girls Club
38.General's Golf
42.Watching Films Under the Night Sky
44.Popular Buffet once on Sixth Avenue
47.Famous for Monster Burgers
49.A Pumpkin was famous for this feature
51.Music and Food Festival once held on Main St.
52.Trampling the Track in May
53.We have this many Subways in Aberdeen
54.The Bell that used to be next to Burger King
55.The pond Aberdeen was built on
56.It can follow Sunrise or Mister
60.The golf north of Melgaard
65.Lake source of Water
66.A land Aberdeen is a part of
68.Thar be Wolves here
72.We named our Book Depository after him.
73.A buffalo's Hue
74.Ice Cold Beer served here
77.Four Score and Seven Elementary schools ago
78.Experience found in a House at Wylie
79.North/South Thouroughfares
80.Flying on the Ice
83.The golf once found behind Dairy Queen
87.Thar be Eagles here

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