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Sikhism Unit Crossword


Using the clues given, apply terms learned throughout this unit to solve the cross word puzzle.

1 2
      4 5 6
10 11                            
12                             13
  14     15            
          16 17    
        20     21            

7.The founder of Sikhism
11.Cast system founder of Sikhism was born into
12.Also known as the holy scripture and was compiled by Guru Arjan
14.A symbol of royalty and authority
18.The name of the Guru who instituted the Khalsa
20.The name of the service requiring that a Sikh engage in useful work such as food preperation in the langar
21.The festival of lights held around late October
22.The township built by Nanak
23.A symbol of restraint from eveil deeds
1.A symbol of cleaniness
2.The level of effort with regards to levels of spiritual reality
3.The number of days the founder of Sikhism, disappeared in the river for
4.They symobolize the concepts of "meeri" and "peeri"
5.The name of the kitchen where meals are prepared and shared within the gurdwara
6.Building constructed by Guru Arjan in Amrister
8.The present Guru
9.A service involving a Sikhs involvement in usefulwork, sharing of knowledge and charity
10.The name of the river the fonuder bathed and dissapeared in, for three days
13.The name the founder was entrusted to preach
15.The birthday of Guru Nanak
16.A Sikhs veiw on God regarding theism
17.The code of Sikhism containing numerou rules and instructions for the Sikh way of life
18.A special building for worship
19.Sikh festivals celebrating anniversaries associated with Gurus
22.A symbol of chasity and self control
23.Part of the 5K's and is a symbol of holiness and saintliness

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