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1.Nike, Adidas ............
5.place where goods are manufactured
10.when somebody says thankyou to you
11.synonym of thankyou, also means goodbye and chin chin
12.like your diary - record of all appointments, etc
15.products are protected with this for sending them
17.noun or verb when you send a document to a supplier in order to buy products
19.the department which deals with financial matters, bills, reminders........
20.the same product but with different specifications, colour, dimensions,etc
21.synonym for all over the world
22.all the members of the company
1.noun or verb when you have a problem with a machine, car..., it doesn't work
2.verb meaning to dismiss someone from their job
3.principal sector where you sell your product or service
4.verbal expression meaning to take someone in your car
6.the annual figures of your company
7.the person in the company who buys office supplies, materials, etc
8.not as healthy as a salad to accompany your tuna sandwish
9.verb or noun - a document you receive from a supplier asking to be paid
13.where the admin of the company is done, the principal office
14.when you give permission to someone to do something
15.builds up on your desk - all sorts of documents you must deal with
16.the department which is the inverse of buying
18.verb meaning to desire something (or someone)

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